I got a call from Jason this morning. He said " How's it goin?" I had a feeling his next words would be that he was in the hospital, and he was. Apparently, he was taking apart a sander, and cut his pinky. He wasn't sure how bad, but he did know that his nail was completely gone. I heard from him about 15 mins. ago and he said they had to re-attach the nail, but he wasn't sure what else needed to be done. I'll post the verdict tomorrow, as I have to get ready for work. Have a great day everyone!
Trae's buddy, Treasyn.
Trae wasn't happy about pictures. He still has a cough and fever, and last night as I was trying to settle him down for bed, he just kept fussing and wouldn't eat. I layed him on my chest, which usually calms him enough to go to sleep, but he still fussed. Jason says, " I hope he doesn't puke again--- and Trae puked all along the side of my head and into my hair. Totally gross!

Sleeping beauty today.

Brookelyn's asthma started acting up from her cough. I gave her the neb treatment, and called the doctor to get refills on her other inhalers so if she needed them, she'd have them. Of course they needed to see her first, because she hasn't used her nebulizer in a year and a half. She had a temp of 102.5 , a viral cold, and a double ear infection.

Brookelyn told me 5 minutes before this she wasn't tired....

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