Our weekend

Our weekend was not without excitement and drama, eventhough it started off fairly routine. We were going over to help mom and dad with their cement board, so that they can get to the tile... anyway, we headed over their with both of the older kids having nasty coughs and runny noses. Trae has had the diarrhea for 2 days, but other than that, he's doing fine. Jason and I are both well. We started off with the kids "helping" but soon it was time to take Erica to drivers ed. We took the kids of course, so they could ge moving at a reasonably fast pace. We had supper at McDonalds (quick) and I must say that had I listened to my instincts, I could have avoided what was to come later that night. I should have listened to my (upset) gut, and foregone supper, but I ordered chix nuggets and fries. After drivers ed(830pm), we headed back to mom and dads, were I grew more and more nauseaus. By 10pm, I told Jason we need to head out, as I felt terrible. Migraine, fever, nausea, and TIRED. We left by 1045. We got home and put our seemingly healthy (besides the coughs)kids into bed, and then konked out ourselves. At 1220, I woke my self up shivering uncontrollably, and added more clothing to try to stop the shivering. I have never shivered this bad in my life,(although upon telling Nicole this story she claims I did during labor..) and my teeth were chattering so bad Trae began to stir. Well, to make a long story short, my body rejected the McDonalds, and spewed it out my nostrils. Very nasty! I cleaned up, brushed my teeth, and headed back to bed to get warm, as I was still shivering. Finally after about 20 mins., it subsided, and I fell back to sleep. Come 330, and Trae is getting wrestless, so I offer to feed him, and he (un) gracefully declines to eat. I am subliminally begging him to go back to sleep as I am exhausted. Instead, he takes the opportunity to throw up all over me, himself, and our bed. He went back to sleep then, which I was thankful for. I woke up in the morning with the migraine still roaring in my head and packed Trae up to head to the doctor, because he is now wheezing, has the diarrhea, and is running a fever. I have to go into work at 3, and I don't want to call in because I did that monday when my jaw was stil swollen and useless from having my wisdom teeth pulled. Originally, I made an appointment in New London, about 15 mins. from our house for 840, 20 min after I called. I am running around, trying to get dressed, and get the baby dressed. The phone rings, and the receptionist from the clinic says Dr. J usually sees their little patients and would i mind going to the Richmond st. clinic? "As in Richmond st. in Appleton?" "Yeah, just go past Shopko....blah blah" " um... if i'm going to drive into Appleton, I may as well see his pediatrician (read expert little patient doctor) I mean I was only going to come to the clinic because it's closer" " Oh, okay, well i'll just cancel your appointment then, and would you like me to transfer you?...) " no thanks, I know the number by heart." So into Appleton we went, and saw a doctor, but not our doctor. He had the stomach flu (no, really) and his lungs were clear, but if the situation worsens, bring him back.( for another $110) They said the same thing when I took Elliot in with a cough and fever, after doing an x-ray on his lungs. Also, watch for dehydration. Push fluids, maybe try 1 tsp. every 10 min? Have a great day! Headed out to mom and dads where Jason was with the kids. Brookelyn was hacking away, and starting to run a fever. Arrived there about 1pm, and took some Tylenol to try to get rid of the headache, before heading to work. unsuccessfully, by the way. In the meantime, it begins to snow, 4-8 inches expected. By the time 215 rolled around, there was several inches of snow, so I headed out with some fresh chicken noodle soup. I had to first scrape all the snow off my car, which reminded me why I hate Wisconsin winters. I arrived safely with 15 min. to spare.( for those of you who don't know, I work in group home with developementally disabled adults, which include head injuries, mental disorders, and personality disorders. For the most part these are pretty self-sufficient adults, who need help with everyday tasks like meals, shopping, lighting cigarrettes, and meds. Basically, they keep me on my feet pretty much all shift.) The headache continued thruoghout the shift 3-11pm, and so did the fever. I wore my coat the whole night. Oh, and so did the snow. At 5min. to 11, we get a call that the night shift person is stuck, and I need to wait until she's unstuck to leave. She got unstuck at 12. And she was stuck in the driveway. So I thought, why not just walk up, and worry about getting unstuck later. Well, I headed down to my car to discover about 10 inches of snow. That's what it seemed like anyway. I started up the Jetta, backed up, and pulled out. And got stuck. The snow was up to my door when I opened it. The plan was for me to meet Jason @ Walmart in New London, because my mom and dads road wasn't plowed and Jason got stuck when he decided to leave. So he decided to stay the night. The two problems I could forsee with that plan? 1, if their road wasn't plowed, neither was ours. 2, I am nursing Trae yet, but not pumping. So Jason decided to meet me. I got out of my car and trekked to the house down the hill. (also one of the houses I work at) I called Jason and told him just to come get me, I was stuck and tired. My headache dissappeared in the cold and I was glad for the releif aside from the fever, because I was outside in the cold cold snow. Jason arrived 45 mins. later. Good thing I got stuck in the driveway, because the road to where I work wasn't plowed either. We finally got back to mom and dads (130am), and I discovered that Erica had kindly allowed Brookelyn to sleep with her. That left 1 full size bed for Me, Jason, Elliot, & Trae. Awesome. Jason crawled in between Elliot and Trae. I was on the other side of Trae. And he sleeps on his back. Even with 4 people in the bed. By the time we got in bed, my headache was back. We decided to stay for Mtg. at mom and dads the next morning, as we were already there. Trae and I both slept restlessly. I woke up with the headache. Jason sees me the next morning (724am) with 3 Tylenol and a Mountain Dew. " What the..." " I have a headache! Still!" Mom has been vomiting all night long, so she heads to the camper before mtg. My headache finally goes away. Trae fusses all morning with the cough and fever. Brookelyn throws up all morning with the cough and fever. Elliot is still coughing a little. I am utterly exhausted. And it's time to head back to work. Its only a matter of time, I figure, before Jason gets what we've had. Oh, and now Brookelyn has the diarrhea.

Soon to be uncle Tony

Soon to be uncle Tony, horsing around with the boys.
I love how the kids love to help Jason out.

The mud was so thick and heavy, Jason says you only get tired if your a wimp!

Brookelyn's turn at helping daddy....

Trae was adorable. He kept going over to the cd player and turning down the volume. By the end of the night, he figured out how to turn it off, and as soon as we'd say no, he crawl as fast as he could over there and switch it off, and then laugh. Pretty irrisistable!

Trae helping daddy measure.

Speak no evil....... yeah right!

Hear no evil..........

See no Evil.....

Auntie Nikki looks like a monkey.... maybe working with them rubs off on people?

Traeman getting ready to "help"

Elliot trying the drill out for size. Somehow, everything turns into a gun.

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