Today was Elliot's first holiday concert. They sang "Oh, Christmas Tree" & " Doe a Deer." It was so adorable, I had tears in my eyes.... he's been practicing these songs for months, and sang so heartily. I am emotional anyway because Traeman turned 11 months old today. He is growing so fast. He has 6 teeth, 2 on top, 4 on the bottom. He says mom, dad, hot, no, and hey. He also says Ehht. ( Elliot ) He loves to point to people and say hey, and he waves hey and bye bye. He seems to be feeling better, and is finally takking solids again, after refusing them for over a week. We got some shopping done for mom & dads annual Employee Appreciation Banquet coming up in January,and we're going to have a quiet night in with the kids. Should be fun!


Matt, Ashley & Alexus said...

Awww, That sounds like fun! (both Elliot's concert & staying in tonight) I hear you about them growing. Every time Ally does something different it makes me tear up. Like sitting up and now she can pick up cherrios and put them in her mouth :( How the littlest of things affect us mommies. It sure is sad but oh so bitter sweet at the same time. I'm SO glad Trae is feeling better.
*Hugs to all*

Mrnak Monkeys said...

A quiet night at home is always nice...we're enjoying one here, too. How often do you work? I have just over 2 weeks left, and I'm counting excitedly! It's hard to be gone so much. Hope you enjoy(ed) your quiet night at home with the kids!

Amber said...

I work 3 nights a week, but that includes every other weekend :( I am training with a wedding photographer right now, and I hope i'll be doing that before long

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