Poor little Trae

It seems mister Trae has pneumonia after all. I went into work at 3pm tonight, and checked my phone (against the rules!) which showed that I had on voice mail, which ended up being the doctor we saw last night. He left a message stating that upon closer examination, the radiologist states that Trae, does indeed, have pneumonia. He faxed the prescription to Walmart in Appleton, and to call with concerns or questions. he called me at 5:05. I called back at 5:15. The office was closed, and the on call doctor would have to be paiged. So I had to sneak my cell around on vibrate until I could get ahold of the doctor, and he could fax it to Walmart in New London. Poor little guy. It irks me that they might have "over looked" something so serious. Hopefully, once we can get the medication going, he'll finally be on the road to recovery.


Mrnak Monkeys said...

Ugh...between you and me, we could write a book of recent doctor experiences. Your doctor overlooking pneumonia, my doctor prescribing an antibiotic for no reason, causing my child to become much more sick....and then the on-call doctor paging...how lovely that is, since they always say 'just go to the ER if you have any concerns'. Gee, thanks! Poor kiddos!

Heather said...

Aww....poor little guy! That's quite a thing for a doc to "overlook..." Dummies. Anyway, hope he gets better soon....

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