My baby's not a baby anymore..

Well, i've been dragging my feet about getting things in order and planned for Trae's upcoming 1 year birthday. I had no idea he would grow up this fast, and i've been in serious denial. Soooo, this week he decides that if it's up to mommy, he'll remain a baby forever, and weans himself off of his nuk. So it's been crazy in meeting because he's learned all these new words recently, the newest being night night. (nanigh) So, he jabbered on and on saying gamma, hey, naa(no) and eventually I just stayed out until the last hymn. And in place of the nuk to go to sleep, he nurses, and then tosses and turns for about 15 min, until I try to rock him or bounce him. He screams and throws a fit until he's to tired, and then conks out. Very frustrating for me. ( and daddy) So I decided on a John Deere theme for the party on January 12. It sounds like most of the family can make it, and now i've got to get rolling on buying all the party fixings. I have no ideas on what to get him as a gift. By the third baby, you've got everything, but i'd love any suggestions....if I asked him, he'd probably want a Wii or an X-box given how fast he's grown up. I am going to need a lot of support the week of his birthday,so i'm counting on you girls...!


Jeff & Aleigh said...

Trae is growing up REALLY fast!! I can't believe he's almost a year!! Have fun planning his party!

Anonymous said...

I had the same dilema with Tyler...what to buy a 3rd kid for their 1st birthday? I took Peyton and Jonna with to help shop...but they just picked out a bunch of stuff they'd like. haha. Have fun!

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