Interior house pics

Our Bedroom, sorry the picture sucks... the window lets in way to much light to get a good picture. Also, the master bath is really cute, but I couldn't do it justice in pictures.

Main Bath


Dining Room

Living Room

Brookelyn's room.

The boy's room. Notice the "boogie man spray" on the night stand? My mom is a genious. It's actually Glade! Keeps the boogey man away though.


Delia DeLeest said...

Hey, your kitchen looks a lot like mine in WI did! And, of course, the boys room looks kind of familiar also. ;)

The whole house look awesome. You have taste just like your mom.

Burchibunch said...

Very Nice Amber! Im sure pictures dont do it justice! Looking forward to seeing it next time we are back that way. We will make plans before we come so that we get there next time.

Aleigh said...

I Love the pictures!! It looks pretty much like it did when I was there for your spa party but you had just moved in I think. Brookelyn's bedding is adorable!! Great idea on the Boogieman Spray!! :o)

Cole & Angie & Chloe said...

Nice house! I love the kitchen cabinets.

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