Elliot's Future Wife!

Elliot was paging thruogh a catolog I got in the mail, and decided to pick out the girl he's gonna marry. This is her...I thought, okay, I guess i'll need to trash these magazines as soon as they come. End of story, or so I thought. This morning Elliot comes into our bedroom and says "you know that girl i'm gonna marry? Her names Kathy, I dreamed about her last night. I gave her a card!" This Kathy better back off, haunting my 5yr old sons dreams and whatnot. We aren't going to encourage this crush. I guess you can tell he's a Baseman!


Jeff & Aleigh said...

LOL!! I hope he doesn't have anymore dreams about "Kathy"!!

Burchibunch said...

HAHAHAH Good Luck in the coming years......:)

Delia DeLeest said...

Sam and Rhodey think Elliot has great taste in wives.

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