Elliot's Christmas spirit

This morning Elliot was telling me that we have to bake cookies, and set them out, and then Santa will come and pass out presents. I asked him what happens if you don't have a chimeny, which we don't, and he said he comes thruogh the window. I explained, yet again, that we don't do the Christmas thing and Santa doesn't come to our house. He was disappointed and asked why? I feel so bad. He did mention that we don't need to make to many or Santa will get sick...So then he comes home from school and says " mom, my bus driver said... umm said... umm... something about christmas and gave me this candy." " I said, " like Merry Christmas?" " Yeah" Then he sits and eats his candy in front of Brookelyn and I suggest sharing with her. He says " but mom, she only said merry christmas to me" So I told him then i'll buy Brookelyn some and not him, thinking he'd share, but he said "okay." Obviously I tried to teach him something and it didn't work out. That's what my beef is with Christmas anyway. Kids get greedy and selfish and are so concerned with the gifts. I am glad that the holiday is almost over and we won't have to deal with it again for a whole year. My mom and dad are on their way over to take the kids shopping and out to McD's, and Jason and I are going to grab supper and who knows what else we'll do while in town? Probably something romantic like getting (over priced) groceries from Festival Foods! Hope everyone has a great holiday!


Mrnak Monkeys said...

hehe, I'm glad to see you guys can make a grocery shopping trip romantic!! You goof!

Jeff & Aleigh said...

Yeah, Christmas is definitely over rated!!! I can't wait until the holiday is over....I can't stand the crabby people!! lol

ryibasFamily said...

Christmas cookies?!!?? mmmmm.

Ryan B.

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