Baby news!!

I will have a new baby neice or nephew on or around August 7,2008! Misty and Casey had an ultrasound yesterday to determine the due date. We will be anxiously awaiting his/her arrival. If anyone would like to guess what the baby will be, go for it! They will be finding out asap what it will be. Will post news as I get it.

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Mrnak Monkeys said...

Heehhh....I was all excited for a moment, until I read what was below your caption...not that what's below your caption isn't exciting news, because it absolutely is!!! But I thought you were announcing that you were pregnant!! :O) Anyways, after packing away more of Megan's outgrown clothes, I was re-arranging bins to make more room in the storage room and came across the bin I've been meaning to get back to you.....

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