Elliot's Future Wife!

Elliot was paging thruogh a catolog I got in the mail, and decided to pick out the girl he's gonna marry. This is her...I thought, okay, I guess i'll need to trash these magazines as soon as they come. End of story, or so I thought. This morning Elliot comes into our bedroom and says "you know that girl i'm gonna marry? Her names Kathy, I dreamed about her last night. I gave her a card!" This Kathy better back off, haunting my 5yr old sons dreams and whatnot. We aren't going to encourage this crush. I guess you can tell he's a Baseman!


Baby news!!

I will have a new baby neice or nephew on or around August 7,2008! Misty and Casey had an ultrasound yesterday to determine the due date. We will be anxiously awaiting his/her arrival. If anyone would like to guess what the baby will be, go for it! They will be finding out asap what it will be. Will post news as I get it.

#55, the winning photo!

This is the photo we chose for Trae's John Deere party on January 12. It was photo #55 out of 66 total, and I think it is so yummy. I actually got pictures of Trae standing on the seat and holding onto the steering wheel. Then he went one step further to standing on the seat no hands!



We had a great weekend. On Saturday, we went over and helped mom & dad on their fireplace.
Sunday, we went to a potluck for Jeremy, and it was really great to see him again. On Monday, we took the kids sledding and then went to a motel with mom & dad. Misty and Casey showed up later, and we all went down to the pool. On Tuesday, we went back to the hotel to hang out. I had to work 3-11, and I got paid more!! The kids had a blast swimming and sledding, but they are all extremely over tired and crabby. So am I!!

Trae wasn't feeling well again... the only good part about that is he's so snuggly!!
Scrunchy face!!!

Trae having fun with toilet paper!

Brookelyn warming up in the pool after sledding.

Elliot w/iceicles on his lashes....Elliot's sled bucked him!



Ashes,ashes, we all fall down!! (and hopefully all get back up..)
Great grandma & grandpa, Eliiot,& Brookelyn playing ring around the rosie.

Jason & Jeremy

Jeremy (Jason's cousin) was home visiting for his brother Joel's wedding. CONGRATS!! It was great to get to see him again. There was a potluck on Sunday. The kids were racing their great grandma Mary. I missed getting pictures, but I did get some of them playing ring around the rosie with both the great grandparents! It was great to get together and catch up with so many people. Today, we are going to pack up and go to a hotel in town for some swimming and hanging out with my family. on our way in, we plan to take the kids sledding. It will be Trae's first time. I am only going to get pictures, have to have the "first sledding experience" otherwise, I really hate the snow.


Elliot's Christmas spirit

This morning Elliot was telling me that we have to bake cookies, and set them out, and then Santa will come and pass out presents. I asked him what happens if you don't have a chimeny, which we don't, and he said he comes thruogh the window. I explained, yet again, that we don't do the Christmas thing and Santa doesn't come to our house. He was disappointed and asked why? I feel so bad. He did mention that we don't need to make to many or Santa will get sick...So then he comes home from school and says " mom, my bus driver said... umm said... umm... something about christmas and gave me this candy." " I said, " like Merry Christmas?" " Yeah" Then he sits and eats his candy in front of Brookelyn and I suggest sharing with her. He says " but mom, she only said merry christmas to me" So I told him then i'll buy Brookelyn some and not him, thinking he'd share, but he said "okay." Obviously I tried to teach him something and it didn't work out. That's what my beef is with Christmas anyway. Kids get greedy and selfish and are so concerned with the gifts. I am glad that the holiday is almost over and we won't have to deal with it again for a whole year. My mom and dad are on their way over to take the kids shopping and out to McD's, and Jason and I are going to grab supper and who knows what else we'll do while in town? Probably something romantic like getting (over priced) groceries from Festival Foods! Hope everyone has a great holiday!

My baby's not a baby anymore..

Well, i've been dragging my feet about getting things in order and planned for Trae's upcoming 1 year birthday. I had no idea he would grow up this fast, and i've been in serious denial. Soooo, this week he decides that if it's up to mommy, he'll remain a baby forever, and weans himself off of his nuk. So it's been crazy in meeting because he's learned all these new words recently, the newest being night night. (nanigh) So, he jabbered on and on saying gamma, hey, naa(no) and eventually I just stayed out until the last hymn. And in place of the nuk to go to sleep, he nurses, and then tosses and turns for about 15 min, until I try to rock him or bounce him. He screams and throws a fit until he's to tired, and then conks out. Very frustrating for me. ( and daddy) So I decided on a John Deere theme for the party on January 12. It sounds like most of the family can make it, and now i've got to get rolling on buying all the party fixings. I have no ideas on what to get him as a gift. By the third baby, you've got everything, but i'd love any suggestions....if I asked him, he'd probably want a Wii or an X-box given how fast he's grown up. I am going to need a lot of support the week of his birthday,so i'm counting on you girls...!


Auntie Nikki's Birthday Song!

Happy Birthday to you,

You work at the zoo,

You feed all the monkeys,

Then you smell like their poo!



We had Wendy for dinner as I mentioned... this is her with the kids before E left for school. Brookelyn had a blast coloring with her! Of course having the workers over meant tidying up their bedrooms. Last night E&B were playing in his room since Wendy was borrowing B's room. Elliot was messing up his room, and Brookelyn says: "Elliot, your making a mess in here, which I don't care if you do, but don't come whining to me when it's messy and you have to clean it. Because last night you were whining to me and wanted me to help you!"


What I have to look forward to...

I gave Jason a buzz... this is what it will look like if he balds like his dad!

Interior house pics

Our Bedroom, sorry the picture sucks... the window lets in way to much light to get a good picture. Also, the master bath is really cute, but I couldn't do it justice in pictures.

Main Bath


Dining Room

Living Room

Brookelyn's room.

The boy's room. Notice the "boogie man spray" on the night stand? My mom is a genious. It's actually Glade! Keeps the boogey man away though.

Wanted: pregnant people...

Tonight, Wendy will be with us for supper. Just getting the sheets washed and ready to go! I just wanted to do a quick post about a new adventure i am embarking upon...
I have decided to (finally) get my birth doula certification! For those of you who don't know what a doula is (greek: a women who serves), it is a person (not a friend or loved one) who provides support to the mother during labor. I had a doula with Trae, and it was a great experience. I will do my training in Madison April 4-6, and beforehand I have to attend a childbirth class, a breastfeeding class, and read 8-9 books on childbirth and the role of doulas. Then I have to attend 3 births after the training, and write a essay. I have 2 years to complete the certification, but I am hoping to complete it in less than a year. If you know anyone who is due after April 6 that would like a doula to attend, please have them call me...920-538-3708...I would love to help them out, free of course. My friend Sam is due to give birth in January, and I plan to be there with her and her husband Mike... they will be welcoming baby Carter! I am so excited for the oppurtunity to be there. I've never actually seen a live birth, aside from giving it, and I didn't exactly have front row seats:) I think it's such a miracle...eventually, I want to start a program for single mothers who don't have any support and help them at no cost, as I can't ever imagine what childbirth would be like without anyone there to support you. I am glad to finally be doing this, along with the photography, and soon i'll be watching my new neice or nephew....which means NO MORE GROUP HOME!!!


Gingerbread House

Elliot & Brookelyn spent the day at Great Grandma & Grandpa Young's house making a gingerbread house. Sounds like they had a blast! All finished!


Where is this day headed?

I swept up the coffee but he got over there before I could get the dust pan. Aren't his prints adorable?
This morning, Trae found the coffee in the lazy suzan... he's so far found oatmeal, raisins, formula, & coffee...I keep switching things around, and he just finds something else! He loves things with plastic covers he can chew off!

Yesterday morning, Elliot missed the bus. The bus is usually here between 7:37 and 7:45am. Elliot was argueing with me about needing warmer gloves, which he had and lost, and the bus sails by at 7:33. Awesome. So, I have no other choice but to wake up the other kids, dress them, bundle them up, and take him to school. The whole time i'm trying to get everyone ready, Elliot's going " Can you hurry mom, I don't want to miss recess..." We got him to school and headed home. About an hour went by, and then I heard Trae fill his diaper. When the blasting stopped I picked him up to change him and discovered he had poo running down his leg and out his jammie bottoms. This mess was no match for baby wipes, so we hopped straight into the shower. ( We've given Trae showers w/us since he was born and he refuses to take baths now...) Anyway, we got him scrubbed up and he was so tired he was falling asleep under the warm water. Something about it must make him relax, because he does this several times a week. If not for the fact he showers with us, it would be a darling video! We will be breaking him of this habit soon, in case anyone is worried about him...! At this pace, I was afraid to leave the house for fear of another poo-running-down-the leg-episode taking place in public, but there were errands to be run. One if which was to meet with the photographer I shot with on Saturday to reveiw my images. We did our errands, had lunch, and then mom watched the kids while I went to my meeting. After waiting for her to finish up some things (30min) we finally brought up my images. I used her memory card, so I hadn't veiwed them yet. The pictures were good, but everytime she'd bring on up and pause, I expected her to say " this is a problem because..." or " this shot would have been better if..." but surprisingly, she had many good things to say. She's an expert, with 30 years under her belt, and gives constructive criticism. The first wedding I did, I had no clue what she wanted and she didn't give me a one. Upon reveiwing my photos, she gave me a 4 out of 10...:( The second wedding, I asked more questions, and she told me what she wanted, and I got 7 out of 10! Improvement overall 8. It feels good because I want to be a photographer so much. I love it so much, but I didn't have a portfolio that included weddings, so I called her up and asked her to train me. She said yes, after drilling me about why I wanted to do this and seeing some of my work. She's shooting a wedding today, and said she would miss me, so that's a good sign. I told her I wish I could be there to, I would much rather do that than this group home stuff. Her reply " come this summer, you'll be doing just that!" And so the day just got better.

Trae's new words... Gamma, wuvoo, and book. ( grandma, love you, book)

As I was reading a story to Brookelyn, Trae toddled up and wanted to sit on my lap. I picked him up and sat him down, and he turned and gave me the sweetest kiss on the lips. I would recommend kids to anyone...


Halloween Party Pics

In addition to these cuties we had: Larry the cable guy, Zorro, an old lady :) A witch's brew,a fairy,a cute baby monkey, a fire fighter, the Scarecrow, Little Red Riding Hood... Traeman, the cutest baby dragon ever!!


Elliot & Brookelyn @ the Pumpkin Fest in Neshkoro, WI
The Wicked witch of the West and her monkey, ooohoohohweoh!
Levi as a Vampire.

All the kids on a hayride... they had an absolute blast!!

Lana as Curious George.

Superman as...Trevor.

Erin as the Statue of Liberty.

Emily as a sweet skunk.

Logan as a doctor, his mommy & daddy(not pictured) as the patients.

Connor as a Mighty Deer Hunter.

Brookelyn as an Octopus, Costume compliments of Grandma Julie. Also compliments of Grandma are the Tin Man and Dorothy.

Auntie Misty as Dorothy.

This is our uncle Casey, he used Adobe Photoshop to switch Trae & Treasyn's heads.... He was the Tin Man


funny things spoken by B

Today, B was eating mandarin oranges and our dog, Treasyn, was trying to steal some. I overheard her saying " i'm sick!" She always says the funniest things!

I watched brookelyn stick her finger up her nose, pull it out and eat it. I go " that's gross, you're eating boogers?"
B- "No, i'm eating juice from a booger"
Me- " it's still gross"
B- " no it's not it's good"
Me- " What does it taste like?"
B- " Umm, Cheetos!"

And 1 more...
B- I farted
Me- Hmmm....
B- It stinks
Me- oh yeah, like what?
B- ummm, like fart!

Sorry about the gross factor of this post!

I got my baby back,baby back, baby back...

I just had to note... As I was trying to finish this post, Brookelyn is standing at my side. She wants another toy box for her room because the "udder" one is full. I am hearing her, but not answering her. Then she says, "hellooo, answer me" and pauses for 2-3 seconds and then " how come you'er not answering me? Mom, answer me!" I thought that was cute!

Yep. I definately think Trae is feeling much better! He's been like a little tornada this morning making one mess after another. I would take that anyday over watching him feel so miserable. Must get to the cleaning...I'll see if I can keep up!

This is the lazy susan....

This is the pantry....

Traeman eating breakfast IN HIS CHAIR! wHOOhOO!!

Brookelyn giving her brother a "good morning" kiss. How sweet!

I heard Trae talking in the bed this morning, and I went in my bedroom to find him sitting up. When I walked and said good morning, he smiled the biggest smile, and I knew I had my boy back! I picked him up and he snuggled and hugged me. I brought him out to the living room and set him down figuring he was ready to play. He cried and clung to me... probably out of habit since he's pretty much been glued in my arms for the past two weeks while he was sick... he did eat breakfast in his chair though, which hasn't happened recently!
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