Today, Elliot is home from school again with a hacking cough. Trae has the flu, so I expect the other 2 to come down with it at any second... anyway, the three of them were in Brookelyn's room playing, and Elliot came out and said "Brookelyn pushed Trae right down on the floor." I told Brookelyn, who fessed up right away, not to push her baby brother. I then asked her why she would push him, as she acted like it was normal to push your brother over and she looks at me and tilts her head to the side, " well we were pretending he was a shark!" Trae toddles up all smiles, and Brookelyn still can't figure out why she can't push him over IF they're pretending he's a shark. She is so hilarious. The other day while we were folding laundry together, she called me a crazy butt. So I called her a crazy arm. She goes " well, your a crazy ----- bone from a nose!

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